Cat Door Installation

Cat Door Supply and Installation Packages (Conditions Apply)

Microchip Option

Is your cat or small dog micro-chipped? Did you know you can get a cat or dog door which uses your pet’s microchip to let them in or out?

Glass and Joinery Services is an on-seller of the Sureflap pet doors and offer the following supply and installation packages for glass fitting only –

        Supply and Install Microchip Cat Door $285 including GST.  Flap opening  WxH (mm) 142x120.

        Supply and Install Microchip Pet Door $355 including GST. Flap opening  WxH (mm) 178x170.

Please see for further information about the product – then contact us to get one installed – your pet will love you for it!

Standard Cat Flap

Does your cat need to come and go as they please? Do you want to allow your cat outside but not back in throughout the day?

Glass and Joinery Services can install a standard cat flap for your pet with a 4 way locking system, lets them in but not out, out but not in, lock it both ways or open both ways.

        Supply and Install Standard Cat Flap $115 including GST

Conditions Apply – 

Packages are only available if you are within the Rodney or North Shore Region. Mileage or after hour costs may apply.

Depending on the type / thickness of glass at your home our glazier may need to replace the glass. Call us today for a free consultation!